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  • How do I start?
    First of all pick the time and the date. Then think about theme and color of your event and pick the Package which is the best for you After that please do not forget to pick Add Ons. Now you are very welcome to book your picnic Finally come and enjoy
  • Do you offer nice picnic locations?
    Yes, we definitely do! You do not have to worry and waste your time finding nice location. We do it for you. We have beautiful locations on our list. We also provide picnics in your backyard or inside your home.
  • Am I allowed to bring my own food & drinks?
    Yes you are welcome to bring your food and beverages. We offer charcuterie board and sparkling water. You can check ADD ONS.
  • Do we have to clean up after our picnic?
    Cleaning is included. Our team will take care of it!
  • Can we leave prior to our scheduled end time?
    Of course! We just ask that you provide us with 15-20 min notice via text message or phone call. Please, do not leave before we arrive! You are responsible for all picnic items until our team returns to the location.
  • What happens if I’m running late?
    Your picnic starts at the scheduled time you selected during the booking. Thank you in advance for respecting our time as we respect yours, so please plan accordingly to traffic. We know life gets in the way, so we offer a 5 minute grace period but please plan to arrive on time. Late arrivals are subject to additional late fees.
  • Can I reschedule or cancel my reservation?
    Paradus Event does not offer Refunds of any services offered. We understand personal circumstances may change so we allow users to reschedule a booking. Users who wish to reschedule a booking must give a 3 day notice to Paradus Event team prior to the scheduled booking. The new rescheduled date must be within 90 days of the original booking. Weather Conditions: Rescheduling is allowed for unpredictable and inclement weather conditions. If the forecast predicts bad weather conditions (extreme cold/wind/heavy rain) on the day of your event, we will allow you to reschedule the booking to any future available date within 90 days of your original booking. Please reach out to us at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled booking to let us know you wish to reschedule. If you prefer to take a chance and proceed with your scheduled picnic — message us at least 24 hours in advance, there will be no option to reschedule and no refund will be issued in the event of inclement weather.
  • Is alcohol allowed?
    We do not offer alcoholic beverages. It is the responsibility of the Client and Guests to check alcohol laws of any venue or public space being used for one of our picnics. Most public parks and beaches prohibit alcohol consumption. Paradus Event takes no responsibility for any alcohol consumption or penalties incurred.
  • What are Terms and Conditions?
    Here is a Master Service Agreement. It is attached to Event Request Form! Please, read it carefully before signing up.
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